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Are there any limitations as to where your wood floors can be installed? 

Luxury Wood NYC’s flooring is suitable for residential or commercial projects. It can be installed at, above, or below grade; in any room including kitchens and bathrooms; on radiant heat, concrete slab or plywood, and in a variety of environments. 


Can I buy your floors locally? 

The best way to buy a Luxury Wood NYC floor is directly from us. No matter where you are located we can work with you directly. We have worked with thousands of clients worldwide for over 20 years. Our Wood Floor Specialists provide samples and pricing for product selection. They are well versed in all aspects of wood flooring design, with technical expertise to assist you during all stages of your project. 


What is “attic stock”? 

Given the custom nature of your new floor, we recommend that you order a small, additional amount of flooring to keep as “attic stock” that can be used to repair or replace boards over the life of your floor, and help you avoid setup fees, additional shipping and longer lead times associated with ordering flooring below our minimum order amounts. 

If you are purchasing a floor that will be stained on site, we also recommend that you order an extra gallon of stain, since stain formulations and colors change on a regular basis, we cannot guarantee availability of your stain in the future. 


Why do I need a “cutting allowance”? 

Your installer will need to resize boards during the installation process. This can result in a small amount of waste that cannot be used. To ensure you do not run short during installation, plan ordering at least 10% more flooring than your actual square foot coverage. This is your cutting allowance. 


What is acclimation and how does it apply to my project? 

Your wood floors will absorb and release moisture depending on the environment in which they are installed. In some cases, it may be necessary to acclimate the wood prior to installation. This should be done within the structure, where the floors will be installed, and after the space has been conditioned to the in-service or expected “live in” conditions. Acclimation is not an exact science; your installer can help you plan for this process. 


What is the difference between your solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring? 

Luxury Wood NYC’s floors are available in ¾” solid, ¾” and 5/8” engineered construction, both with a 4 mm wear layer, and our refinishing warranty guarantees at least three sandings over the life of your floor. The same wood will be used to make your floor whether you choose solid or engineered, so they will be virtually indistinguishable from each other once installed.  


Is Luxury Wood NYC eco-friendly?  

All Luxury Wood NYC’s products are manufactured from natural wood. Materials used in the production process are selected based on strict requirements for ecological safety. Finished products are regularly tested for formaldehyde content. 

All timber used for flooring production is harvested using clean felling procedures and environmentally responsible practices that do not lead to reduction in oak and ash forests. Luxury Wood NYC’s mills work closely with local forestry's, organizations and institutions with the aim to protect and maintain the environment and forest reserves

What is the lead time for my material?  

The lead time for your materials is dependent on a variety of factors. As of now, we are seeing longer lead time than usual due to the current market conditions following COVID-19. The exact lead time on your requested material will be calculated at the time your order is placed.  

Do you provide installation services?  

Yes, we currently provide expert installation services for your wood flooring material in the NJ and NYC area. For installation services outside the NJ and NYC area, please email for installation references in your area.


Do you provide sanding and refinishing services?  

Yes, we currently provide expert sanding and finishing services for your wood flooring material in the NJ and NYC area. For sanding and finishing services outside the NJ and NYC area, please email for installation references in your area. 


How do I set up a design consultation?  

We currently perform virtual consultations. A Wood Floor Specialist will be able to go through the details of your project, perform a virtual walkthrough of your project, as well as answer any questions you may have. You can fill out our virtual consultation request form and a representative will contact you shortly to confirm.             


I am an architect, interior designer, contractor or builder, how can I place a bid request?  

To place a bid request you have a few options, first you can fill out our Installation and Material Form or Sanding and Finishing Form. You also have the option to email with your current bid set and wood specifications.  

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