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Wood Floor Cuts

There are four different wood flooring cuts for oak flooring. The cut of your wood flooring affects both the appearance and structure of the wood. Read more about each cut in this informational guide

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  This cut of wood is also common and is distinguished by its sawing method.The board is cut, turned 90 degrees, then cut again. This cut also produces a minimal amount of waste, and produces a cathedral grain pattern.

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Quarter Sawn

This cut of wood is distinguished by its grain pattern that runs vertically and has a straight, striped appearance. Planks are cut by first dividing the log into quarters, then live sawing the wood. This cut has a higher cost due to the manufacturing process and the lower yield of wood per plank

Rift Sawn

     This cut of wood is the most expensive and least common.The planks are cut perpendicular to the tree’s growth rings. This cut can provide a more modern look through the very linear grain pattern and is popular with oak and maple species. However, it is difficult to get these types of planks wider than four inches across


Rift & Quartered

Logs are cut with the grains intersecting the face of the board at an approximate 60-degree angle. The log is sawn into four quarters and each quarter of the log is sawn perpendicular to the growth rings at an angle, therefore being named rift and quartered

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