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Changing realities continually reshape the building industry. Competitive pressures and economic constraints demand that knowledge of key trends and solid practices be applied to all aspects of construction. Whether a new building or restoration, the success of every enterprise, large or small, depends on carefully managed attention to detail.


The flooring system is a major cost element in any construction or restoration project. Floors are more complex than they appear. As part of the developer's due diligence in value engineering it's essential to analyze the design and specifications of flooring systems before work begins. Troubles after the fact can be economically disastrous. Flooring problems look unsightly may affect proper equipment functioning and compromise the integrity of an entire structure.


Huggins Wood Floor Specialists have a keen knowledge of concrete leveling and sub floor systems. In modern high-rise buildings, where sound attenuation has become a necessity, this expertise is essential to the success of the flooring installation. If the concrete slab isn't leveled to a maximum deviation not exceeding 1/8 inch in any 10-foot radius, the floor may fail. As to the sub floor, creating an effective sound-deadening system requires know-how in combining the most appropriate materials and methods.

We offer: 

  • Expert advice 

  • Assistance in specification development 

  • Value engineering 

  • Material selection

  • Qualifying of contractors and suppliers 

  • On-site inspections

  • Over twenty years of technical expertise in the analysis and structural design of entire flooring systems, from concrete slabs to finishing.

  • A wide range of experience in consulting for new projects as well as troubleshooting flooring problems and failures.

  • Expertise in the supply chain of hardwoods, from forest sources to wholesaler to distributor to mill.

  • The skill, knowledge, creativity and track record to advise on all aspects of flooring construction and installation.

  • The experience to provide practical solutions for all wood flooring issues and problems.


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Mr. Avila is an acknowledged expert in all aspects of hardwood flooring, both commercial and residential, including:

  • Specifying hardwood flooring systems from sub floor to finishing 

  • Wood types and species, domestic and imported 

  • Sourcing the wood supply chain from forest to mill to job site 

  • Performance characteristics of all wood types, including seasonal variations and moisture content 

  • Wood product evaluation for both solid and engineered wood 

  • Sound installation practices focusing on problem avoidance 

  • Post installation troubleshooting, particularly in assessing and solving performance problems in all types of wood flooring systems.

H35x350-400 _ 10_5 m _ HO - Loch Tummel

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