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When having hardwood floors refinished in Livingston NJ, you need to be sure is done by a certified wood flooring specialist. Refinishing hardwood is a craft that requires an expert’s skills and craftsmanship. Joe Avila who is a certified wood flooring inspector, installer, sander, and AIA & ASID CEU professor of the National Wood Flooring Association. Joe Avila founded Huggins Wood Floor Specialist over 20 years ago, and has been in the wood flooring industry for over two decades.


Click here to review Joe’s accreditation’s.


Book a Virtual Consultation with Joe Avila. Joe is a certified inspector, installer and sander for the National Wood Flooring Association, for you this means Joe can help you avoid costly flooring failures during the material selection, installation and sanding process. Joe reviews the most common and costly wood flooring mistakes on a daily basis and he can help you to avoid them on your project! Joe is who the manufacturer’s, developers, architects and interior designers go to when they have a problem and the smart ones go to in order to avoid having issues on their project. 


Joe will teach you how to build a flooring system that will stand the test of time, as he teaches countless world renowned architectural and interior design firms across the nation at his weekly lectures. Joe will help you create the floor of your dreams.  

Joe Avila, founder of New York City Wood Floors, specializes in Hardwood Flooring and Refinishing servicing Livingston NJ and the surrounding Essex County NJ area. Give us a call, at 908-232-6600 to schedule a consultation or click here now to book a virtual consultation with a wood flooring expert  

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What You Need to Know About the Process 

The furniture in the areas where the work will be preformed will have to be removed. Wall art and all personal items in the work area should be removed as well. This type of project is usually done while the house is vacant. We highly recommend you make arrangements vacate the premises. In residential projects, if you decide to stay in the residence and only want to refinish a few rooms, it is possible. This is because at New York City Wood Floors, we specialize in low and zero VOC products. This is different from most wood flooring contractor as they use chemicals when staining floors that expel hazardous material into the air and strong, unpleasant, odors. To read more about the dangers of VOC to your family and pets, click here. 


Be mindful that this is an extremely large undertaking that involves dust. We will encapsulate entrances that lead to other areas with delicate surface tapes and 3M protective plastics, that way the fine dust will be kept in the spaces that work is to be preformed in. We also offer state of the art dustless wood floor refinishing systems. Using a dustless system eliminates the majority of dust created — but it does not mean that it will eliminate dust completely. No project can be 100% dust-free when sanding wood floors. But after our state of the art sanding process that surpasses industry standards concludes, all walls and areas in the work space will be blown and vacuumed thoroughly before we apply any product. This is an essential part of the process to have quality results.

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If you desire to have your floors stained with traditional stains, the fumes are extremely toxic and force our team to use masks that filter those chemicals. Your family, your pets, and yourself have to be off the premise for at least 48 hours after the stain is applied. Prepare to make arrangements to sleep outside the residence for 48 to 72 hours depending on the size of your project. The fumes from traditional stains are hazardous to humans, and your pets. 


For this reason, we strongly recommend using our low and zero VOC wood floor refinishing systems. We offer several green friendly wood floor refinishing packages. The Platinum package is a Family Favorite, Eco-Friendly, and is 0-VOC. This package includes sanding floors bare, restoring them to New-Like condition, the ability to choose color stain from Platinum Package that best suits your spaces style. To learn more about this package, click here

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After we are done drying time depends on the product we use, if it is water-based or oil-based. We will advise you on what is best for your floor. Be informed there are pros and cons for each of the products. Expect anything from 4 hours to 24 hours before stepping on the floor again. 

Hardwood Floor Stain Colors 

There are many varieties of stain colors. Each floor takes the stain differently for many factors. This is why the best practice is to lay samples on your hardwood floor to show you how is truly going to look. In our experience, this is the best way to choose stain colors. 


Our installations are handled by qualified wood installers who are proud of their work and knowledgeable about all types of hardwood flooring, including prefinished, unfinished, and even laminate. 


New York City Wood Floors is a flooring company that provides flooring services to the Metro New York and New Jersey area. We specialize in installations, repairs, and refinishing any flooring you need for your home or business. Our experienced team will install quality flooring of your dreams. 


Installation of Hardwood Flooring 

Our team of experts have installed hardwood flooring for many residential and commercial customers. You can choose from a variety of wood flooring species such as 


And many more… 

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Our Other Wood Flooring Services 

We want to offer amazing wood flooring services to our customers. That is why we provide a wide variety of wood flooring services. These include: 


  • Maintenance of Rubio Monocoat wood floors 

  • Maintenance of Woca Denmark wood floors 

  • Maintenance of Osmo woof floors 

  • Maintenance of Ciranova wood floors 

  • Repairing wood flooring 

  • Installation of engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring 

  • Sanding and staining of wood decks 


And more…. 

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Whether you need your luxury wood floors in your penthouse in Manhattan refinished or your vacation home in the Hamptons, or your residential estate’s floors installed and refinished, our expert technicians can handle any of your wood flooring needs. From your penthouse, to your private residence, to your office space. If you have a space that needs wood floors installed or refinished, give us call at 908-232-6600.

We Proudly Serve Livingston 07039


Our company is proud to serve the area of Livingston, which is part of Essex Country, and has a population of over 30,000.

If you want wood floors installed in your home or your business, call New York City Wood Floors at (908) 232-6600 today so we can get started. Let us help you design the perfect wood floor you desire. We look forward to hearing about your project. 

Serving Livingston’s 07039 of NJ

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