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A collection made with slightly brushed “smoked” Oak. The special treatment with reagents allows the natural tannin of wood to colour and emphasize the grains and the planks characteristics. By using this material as a platform, other warm and intense shades were created: they match the antique character with the modern aesthetic trends. It’s available in 4 sizes: 120 mm – 140 mm – 180 mm – 240 mm wide, all with Naturale UV, Traffic UV, Raw UV and Oiled finishes.


Two-layers wood floor with surface protective finish.

Manufactured by Stile in Citt. di Castello’s plant, Umbria, Italy.

Solid wood layer 4 mm thick 

Phenolic multilayer Birch support with tangled fibres from 7.8 mm to 12 mm thick FSC certified.

Each plank has a tongue on the top and right edges and a groove on the lower and left edges.

Planks has random lengths between 800 and 32.400 mm

Planks are 120 mm - 240 mm wide

Overall thickness is 11 mm - 15 mm

Stile Smoked Oregon

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