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Space to colour. The use of innovative alkaline-based products and the combination with fine pigments create a unique and three-dimensional texture, highlighting both the sinuosity of the grains and the material character of the natural product. Entirely made of Oak, it’s available in five sizes: 120-140-180-240-300 mm wide.


Two-layers wood floor with surface protective finish.

Manufactured by Stile in Citt. di Castello’s plant, Umbria, Italy.

Solid wood layer 4 mm thick - 5 mm thick

Phenolic multilayer Birch support with tangled fibres from 7.8 mm to 12 mm thick FSC certified.

Each plank has a tongue on the top and right edges and a groove on the lower and left edges.

Planks has random lengths between 800 and 3.000 mm

Planks are 120 mm wide

Overall thickness is 11 mm - 19mm

Stile Contemporary Baku

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