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BISCUIT PIENZA By Listone Giordano




Oak parquet


Patricia Urquiola

Can wooden flooring be reinvented? Now it can.‎ Natural Genius by Listone Giordano consacrates parquet to the world of contemporary design and once again revolutionises the world of wooden floorings, thereby redefining the aesthetic rules of classic wooden boards and common laying patterns.‎ It does so thanks to top international Italian design companies, with their genius and far-reaching approach.‎ The Natural Genius project led to collections that reinterpret wood's surface with an ultramodern touch and turn it into a furnishing element for floors and not only, with a strong personality and an eco-friendly approach thanks to its certified raw materials.‎

Biscuit designed by Patricia Urquiola.‎ 
This collection focuses on the rediscovering of the decorative power of wood flooring and the quintessential feminine trait of softness.‎
Elegant wooden elements with soft features are intertwined in weave and weft to give rise to a sophisticated composition inspired by fabrics.‎FinishesOLEONATUREOleonature is the natural oils-based, air-dried finish.‎‎ ‎ Thanks to a special protective treatment applied as a last coating, it is characterized by high protection and practicality of maintenance.‎‎ ‎This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.‎‎ ‎INVISIBLE TOUCHWater-based finishing that protects the wood whilst keeping the natural appearance and colour of an untreated surface.‎‎ This finishing features the anti-bacterial Crystalcare technology.‎‎Further info from manufacturer on BISCUIT PIENZA Listone Giordano


BISCUIT PIENZA By Listone Giordano

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