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Wood species | Oak
Collection | Heritage
Grade | Tavern
Finish | Silk Oil 
Structural Warranty | Lifetime


The best specimen of old age, artistic freedom and nowadays cutting-edge technologies served as a basis of Heritage collection of the hardwood flooring by Coswick.

Unique two-colour tones of the flooring helped to identify and emphasize the uniqueness of natural wood texture, created by Nature itself. Brushing together with Silk-Oil and Hardwax-oil finishes define the texture and depth of the wooden surface.

Silk-Oil finish, as Hardwax-oil finish, is used together with the surface brushing. However, the surface film is thicker; it creates the effect of semi-closed pores. Such a finish emphasizes the texture and natural beauty of the wood. Pores look semi-closed, visually preserving the wooden texture relief. The surface is similar to wood to the feel. In appearance, such a finish is similar to Hardwax-Oil finish; however, it has the improved durability.
The hardwood flooring with Hardwax Oil finish is an eco-friendly and natural flooring with the finish that is based on natural oils and wax. Pores seem open; this effect emphasises the deep texture relief. Hardwood flooring with Hardwax-oil finish freely absorbs and emits the moisture, helping to maintain the healthy microclimate inside of the room.


PriceFrom $9.88
  • Please note that standard lead time on materials are 4-6 Weeks, due to COVID-19 there may be delays in lead time. Delivery rates are not included in the price of material, rates are dependent on location, availability, and size of order. 

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