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Special Series: Protecting Your Wood Against Common Damage

  1. Place doormats near all exterior doors – Doormats will capture 75% of dust, dirt and water particles from the outside, preventing these elements from damaging your gorgeous floors.

2. Place Carpet Pads Between Your Hardwood Floors and the Rugs Above– Because rugs are constantly moving around, the fibers can cause unnecessary wear to the floors beneath them. Rug pads place a small barrier between the two and help save your floors from damage.

3. Wipe up Spilled Water Immediately – There’s nothing more harmful to a hardwood floor than water. Whether it’s a spilled glass of water or drips from an umbrella, be sure to wipe up any excess water after it’s spilled onto your floors.

4. Protect Your Floors from Climate Changes – Spilled water and raindrops aren’t the only moisture that can harm your floors. Ensure that your home is kept at a reasonable level for air conditioning and humidity control throughout the season. In the wintertime when it is dryer in the air, heat can cause the opposite affect and cause wood to

pull apart at seams of planks. Once again, keep humidity levels constant to keep your wood flooring from reacting drastically.

5. Employ the use of Adhoc Accessories, like Heelio Dealios, to Protect Your Floors During Hosted Events – You can’t very well ask your guests to remove their heels when they join you for a cocktail party, but you can give them an accessory that protects your floors and their heels all at the same time. Heelio Dealios are clear stiletto caps that slip onto a woman’s heal to help prevent scrapes, dents and scratches from forming on your precious hardwoods.

6. Keep Your Pets’ Nails Trimmed and Employ the Use of Pet Paw Accessories – Pets nails can cause a lot of damage to hardwood floors over time. Keeping your pets nailed trimmed will help, but often won’t completely solve the problem. Many pet stores carry dog booties or socks that slip over your pets paws. You can also make your own DIY version at home by using baby socks to cover your their paws when they’re inside the house.

6. Place Cloth or Foam Furniture Protectors Under Furniture Legs – To protect your floors from getting scratched daily, consider using cloth furniture protectors under the feet or legs of your tables, chairs and other heavy furniture.

Remember, while it’s important to do your part in protecting and maintaining your hardwood floors, normal wear & tear can add to the appeal of a real hardwood floor. Scratches, minor dents and discoloration can add to floors character and truly give you the natural look you desire.

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