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Can We Match Your Wood Floors?

Say you are wanting to extend your wood flooring from one room to the next or fix damaged floors in one specific room of your house. The question is, can you do it seamlessly and still maintain the same look throughout your home? The answer is yes!

Luxury Wood NYC has several ways we can match your new wood flooring to your existing wood flooring without a trace!

Will It Be Difficult?

Depending on the age of your floor, matching your existing floor can be difficult, but nonetheless, it is possible. Newer wood is easier to match than older hardwood planks because older wood has inconsistencies due to varying lengths, thicknesses, and techniques that may have been used when it was installed. Not to mention the wear and tear those older wood floors have endured. So, while it may be possible, it may take more effort to make look seamless.

What Is Lacing?

Lacing is the careful matching of your floor’s wood to new wood to make it seem as if they were installed at the same time. While it can be a DIY job, the odds of creating a truly seamless look without a professional are very slim.

It takes an expert eye and sanding of all the wood involved to accomplish lacing correctly. Any old, damaged wood is removed, new wood is then inserted, and all parts are sanded with Huggins hardwood Floors dustless refinishing process.

Does It Matter What Kind of Wood You Use?

Yes. You want to use wood of the same species, otherwise, even if it looks like it matches now, it will not age the same, which will leave you with a section of floor that stands out.

What Is a Header & Do I Need One?

A header is the transitional piece that connects two types of flooring. It can also separate two different types of wood floors if you want extra definition of each area. When you transition from one kind of floor to another, the header makes sure the wood floor has a neat edge, and blends the two floors, so no one will trip as they go from one room to the other.

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