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TYPE Two-layers wood floor with surface protective finish.

PRODUCTION Manufactured by Stile in Citt. di Castello’s plant, Umbria, Italy.

WEAR LAYER Solid wood layer vary from 3.5 mm to 5 mm thick

SUPPORT Phenolic multilayer Birch support with tangled fibres vary from 6.5 mm to 12 mm thick FSC certified.

JOINTS Each plank has a tongue on the top and right edges and a groove on the lower and left edges.

LENGTHS Planks has random lengths between 450 and 3,000 mm

WIDTH Planks vary from 70 mm to 300 mm wide

OVERALL THICKNESS Overall thickness ranges from 10 mm to 19 mm


GRADE SELECT Mixed texture, mainly straight, selected to assure uniformity in colour

GRADE CASUAL Mixed texture, wavy grain with colour even contrasting. Presence of knots of different dimensions however filled

GRADE TREND Mixed texture, straight and flamed, with colour even contrasting. Possible presence of small healthy knots in some planks

GRADE COUNTRY Mixed texture wavy grain with small filled cracks and frequent even big knots. Sapwood traces may be present




Stile Stilnovo Oak Custom Color Traffic UV

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