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Unique wood mosaic to mimic ancient Roman art. Small wood pieces precisely cut and glued together, using only natural wood colors. Lead time for this product is 4-6 weeks.


Materials Used in This Product: 

  •  Ash

  •  Maple

  •  White Oak

  •  Merbau Light

  •  Walnut

  •  Merbau Medium

  •  Wenge


Medusa Wood Floor Medallion specification:


Unless noted otherwise in the description all standard wood medallions supplied per the following specification:

  • Unfinished. Wood Medallions can be prefinished for an additional 10% charge. Standard finish is high quality water based polyurethane, semi-gloss.
  • Wood top layer is glued on plywood backer. Larger, over 60" medallions are not glued but supplied separately as face-taped wood layer and plywood backer to be glued on-site.
  • Plain Sawn wood
  • Standard thickness is 3/4". You may request custom thickness for inlay from 5/16" to 3/4".

Up to 60" in size wood floor medallion can be made as a single piece. Larger inlays supplied in precisely fit segments.



Medusa (40 in.)

PriceFrom $3,000.00
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